25 to life

  • kaisoo
  • 3-shot
  • angsty

Jongin is a dancer with a genius level IQ, but even his intelligence can’t stop the events that follow once his innocent Kyungsoo gets tangled in his web of lies.

a thousand septembers

  • kaisoo
  • angst
  • oneshot

Jongin is homeless, but owns a home

Kyungsoo owns a penthouse, but is homeless

Anonymous said: shine like stars?? let me help you with that?? stay the night?? basically anything that jumpthisship writes >.< and hold my hand, let me know that you're still there?? of late night kisses too ^^

i’ve started with shine like stars and i didnt have that much feels but ill try to finish it

i think ive read the others too, i dont really remember titles haha but they sound familiar, ill check them later thank you!

Anonymous said: Anterograde Tomorrow? A Thousand Septembers? Substandard Motels? Thunderbird?


i cried reading a thousand septembers 

Anonymous said: default state of being? anything written by adorableprince (on lj. its not a fic, im just saying), speak sow by noctures (on ao3)


im sorry i clicked the capslock and im lazy to edit TT

younique king

  • kai/oc ; oc/everyone
  • chaptered;ongoing
  • smut; king!jongin; medieval!AU

theres no foreword so ill just give a tiny overview

this is basically about a king who has an affair with a lady adored by everyone, they have a secret affair etc etc


  • kaisoo
  • medieval!AU, smut
  • chaptered;ongoing

Do Kyungsoo was born with so much blessing

But his blessings come with a huge consequence, the one that eventually made him trapped.

let’s play pretend

  • kaisoo
  • fluff
  • oneshot

Kyungsoo has to go to a family wedding where tensions are high, so Jongin offers to be his buffer. Somehow, this only seems to cause even more problems.


  • kaisoo
  • angsty; medieval!AU; nc-13
  • oneshot

Jongin doesn’t believe that promises are made to be broken, especially not Kyungsoo’s. (Jongin can’t breathe since Kyungsoo’s left, but he’ll hold his breath for as long as he has to.) 

airplanes in the night sky (are like shooting stars)

  • kaisoo
  • fluff;model!jongin
  • oneshot

Sometimes, they meet in transit.