its just a claim on the heart

  • kaisoo
  • oneshot
  • wolf!au

mating season is the absolute worst - especially when Kyungsoo doesn’t have another wolf to call his own.

womanly thingies

  • kaisoo
  • drabble
  • fluff; girl!kyungsoo

 jongin is kind, sweet and clueless on what to do

thanks for the memories

  • kaisoo
  • angst
  • oneshot

All good things come to an end

7 seas too far

  • kaisoo
  • oneshot
  • pirate!au

Kyungsoo’s father is a pirate and he has been in the crew for as long as he remembers, one day Kyungsoo saves a boy from a ship they plunder. The friendship that forms over a short couple of months is abruptly broken when Jongin is forced to stay behind once they make port. But he spends the coming years trying to find his way back to Kyungsoo, chasing rumors and killing the innocent. But the next time they see each other, Jongin is staring in to the pipe of Kyungsoo’s gun.

Of Impulses and Rational Judgments

  • kaisoo
  • oneshot
  • teacher/student!AU

 In which Kyungsoo is a philosophy professor and Jongin is his student.

the great design

  • kaisoo
  • oneshot
  • AU

Every now and then the stars align . 

A series of lifetimes in which Kyungsoo and Jongin eventually find their way back to each other.

Boy and girl meet by the great design.

"We’ve transcended through time and space; darling, I have finally found you."


  • kaisoo
  • romance
  • oneshot

Kyungsoo is like fire; ever flowing energy as the sun both rises and sets, stealing breathes and leaving marks wherever he goes.

Jongin is like ice; accidentally trips the people around him as he goes by unnoticed, cold and alone. 

Kyungsoo is like fire; hot blushing cheeks and a gaze that burns with passion for a certain tan skinned boy.

Jongin is like ice; he only melts at the touch of fire.

oh gravity

  • kaisoo
  • romance;angsty;nc-17
  • chaptered;completed

all kyungsoo wanted was just to look after someone and all jongin wanted was someone to look after him.

love from last night

  • kaisoo
  • actor!au;romance
  • 2-shot

Bookworm Kyungsoo has a drunken one night stand with a guy from a club. Turns out the guy is an A-list actor—and the nation’s heartbreaker.

if it kills me

  • kaisoo
  • fluff;romance;het!kyungsoo
  • oneshot

/theres no summary but basically its kinda skinny love/