"you like exo??? oh yea, name all 12 members"

  1. kyungsoo
  2. d.o
  3. fucking honey voice nerd
  4. kyungsoo do
  5. just tired
  6. dyo
  7. dee oh
  8. the ol’ kyung to the soo
  9. punk-ass bitch-ass kid witht he big ass eyes and the big ass lips and the big ass FUCK U KTUNGSOO
  11. kangwoo
  12. do kyungsoo

You forgot inactive member Kyungsatan image

we dont talk about him here


Anonymous said: hi :) could u rec your overall favorite fics for any pairing?

i dont read other pairing’s fics tho

i used to and all i remember is then came you, its a baekyeol fic /i read it cos theres kaisoo in it/ and baby’s breath too, my friend cant stop talking about it

and theres zodiac its an ot12 fic /the kaisoo is O<—</

Unconventionally Perfect

  • kaisoo
  • fluff
  • oneshot

Kyungsoo thought he wanted excitement, thought he wanted something more than a story of generic love and tales of strolling through busy parks.

He wanted to be the protagonist of his own Disney movie and to ride off into the sunset with his prince.

Turns out that all he really ever needed was Jongin. Because boring as they were, they were Jongin and Kyungsoo, and nothing could be more perfect.

paper cuts

  • kaisoo
  • oneshot
  • you’ve got mail!au ; drama ; fluff ; romance

the love of your life may be just around the corner

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Anonymous said: Hi! I happen to see your post about the kaisoo fic exchange last night and eventually I read two of them (Five Nights & A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Death). Well, I assume you read them already, right? For AGGLD, did they live? T T AHHH I finished reading for like 2AM and I'm in pain. Lol. I actually love your recs! Thanks! On my way to reading~~

tbh i havent read AGGLD yet because i have so much to do but i think they died since the “warning” says character death(s)

Love Is Blind

  • kaisoo
  • oneshot
  • girl!Jongin ; fluff

Jongin is head-over-heels and nobody understands.

i don’t want to set the world on fire

  • kaisoo
  • oneshot / kaisoo project
  • nc-17 ; zombie!au

Kyungsoo survives the apocalypse, but Jongin lives.

the cassette 

  • kaisoo
  • angst
  • oneshot / kaisoo project

We can love someone with all our hearts but sometimes love isn’t enough.

second chance

  • kaisoo
  • teacher!au; nc-17
  • oneshot / kaisoo project

7 years go by before they meet each other again.