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the love of your life may be just around the corner

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kaisoommer day 4

It Starts With a Promise
6,632w; R
i wish that I could wake up with amnesia / and forget about the stupid little things / like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you / and the memories I never can escape / ‘cause I’m not fine at all

Twilight and Shadow
12k; R
After an accident, Jongin is left with only one person wanting to watch him perform. Unfortunately, that same person will be clapping for his downfall.

Like a boomerang
2,671w; R
"You miss it," Kyungsoo says with finality. “You miss the taste of fresh blood.”

A While Longer
3,786w; NC-17
Kyungsoo just might be ready to take her relationship with Jongin a step further.

Blood Scarcity
9,098w; R
In the intersection between his personal and blood-bathed lives, Kim Jongin meets a foreign concept called love.

kaisoommer day 3

it takes an ocean (not to break)
2,624w; R
If there are two objects, and one is in constant motion while the other stays stagnant, then it is inevitable that they eventually separate. Jongin dances his way across the world. Kyungsoo does not.

sekh ma shieraki anni
5.8k; NC-17
Kyungsoo counts the stars on Kai’s skin and watches the sun in his eyes while Kai runs his finger over Kyungsoo’s bottom lip like he holds the moon in his mouth. Together they build eternity.

intrinsically, silently, endlessly
 9,778w; G
Sometimes, the best maps are the ones we keep in our hearts.

A Study in White and Black
7,400w; R
Kim Jongin would have never thought that moving in with Do Kyungsoo would give him in an entirely different perspective on excitement. BBC’s Sherlock!AU

Let My Star Rise on Your Night 
4.7k; NC-17
Kyungsoo sings and Jongin is learning how to rule a country.

Anonymous said: Hi! I happen to see your post about the kaisoo fic exchange last night and eventually I read two of them (Five Nights & A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Death). Well, I assume you read them already, right? For AGGLD, did they live? T T AHHH I finished reading for like 2AM and I'm in pain. Lol. I actually love your recs! Thanks! On my way to reading~~

tbh i havent read AGGLD yet because i have so much to do but i think they died since the “warning” says character death(s)


How To Forget Something That Never Was

9,484w; G

Kyungsoo thinks he knows a lot, until Jongin proves him wrong.

Counting Stars

7,400w; NC-17
Jongin falls for an old friend and Kyungsoo for an escapist.

Painted Nocturne
7,000w; PG-13
Kyungsoo is a painter who has been haunted by traumatic nightmares for a year. He is too afraid to sleep, until one summer night he finds that it is safe to sleep soundly again. That night, he meets a mysterious masked man in a cloak named Kai. Unfortunately, Kyungsoo doesn’t know that Kai will disappear forever if he touches him.

Concentric Circles
5,920w; NC-17
Jongin and Kyungsoo parted ways months ago; but the ties that bind them run so deep and so strong that it’s hard to let go.

deer in the headlights

8,876w; G
Kyungsoo wakes up with a hangover after coming home to see his plain white tee covered with phone numbers.

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We could have lived

3,120w; PG-13
Kyungsoo and Jongin grew up together, but when Jongin becomes famous, their relationship suffers.

dismantle, repair

minor!Kai/Baehyun; 11,357w; PG-15
It started with heartbeats that weren’t in sync and ended with closed doors until they both lost their footing and everything spiraled out of control. But Jongin wants to try dancing again and Kyungsoo doesn’t really know how to sing without Jongin beside him.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Death

10,200w; PG-13
Kyungsoo doesn’t like answering questions. Jongin doesn’t ask anyway.


hinted!Chanyeol/Baekhyun; 9,945w; PG-13
Jongin could spend several lifetimes looking and still never pin down quite what it is about Do Kyungsoo that makes his heart skip so.

Five Nights

4,660w; PG-13
High School AU. Soccer star Kim Jongin is stuck at home with an injured leg. Class genius Do Kyungsoo is sent to tutor him so his grades don’t fall behind. The two never speak, but the more time Jongin spends with Kyungsoo the more he realizes what he has been missing.

Love Is Blind

  • kaisoo
  • oneshot
  • girl!Jongin ; fluff

Jongin is head-over-heels and nobody understands.

i don’t want to set the world on fire

  • kaisoo
  • oneshot / kaisoo project
  • nc-17 ; zombie!au

Kyungsoo survives the apocalypse, but Jongin lives.

the cassette 

  • kaisoo
  • angst
  • oneshot / kaisoo project

We can love someone with all our hearts but sometimes love isn’t enough.